Holiday Head Lice Treatment

Parents often scramble to find an effective head lice treatment to be lice free by the Holiday. Holidays bring family members from far and near. Bad enough to think your child may have given it to someone you know or even gotten from someone you know, but how stressful to pass it to a cousin you have not seen since last Thanksgiving. Head Lice prevention and early treatment is key this time of year.

Tips for head lice prevention include:

  1. Avoid head to head contact. Remember head lice are transmitted through head to head contact.
  2. Keep hair tied back.
  3. Avoid sharing hats, scarves, brushes and hair accessories.
  4. Get a head lice repellent spray.
  5. Have good metal lice comb on hand and comb weekly to check for head lice.

Early head lice treatment is vital to containing the situation. If you treat early, it lessens the chance of spreading lice to others. Another prevention measure to avoid re-infestation is to let others you have had contact with for at least the past two weeks know they have been exposed to head lice. Encourage them to check for head lice and be treated as soon as possible. Many head lice treatments exist, but as the holidays approach this may be the time to ensure head lice is gone by calling head lice treatment experts.  Services like Heartland Healthy Heads Lice Removal and Resource Center can assist families during the holiday by providing a safe and effective treatment. Why stress over head lice?  Better to be on guard and prevent head lice or if needed get it treated early and effectively.Get past head lice and on to celebrating with family and friends. If you have been through head lice in the past you know one thing to be thankful for is a safe, effective and stress free treatment for head lice.