Head Lice: The Do’s and Don’ts

Head Lice can be overwhelming, so here are a few do’s and don’ts to help with head lice. Every parent gasps at the news of head lice and scrambles to prevent or eradicate the little pests from the family. Head lice is a common problem with an estimated 12 million cases each year in the United States ( There are various treatment options available. For the do it yourselfers there are various products including home remedies, over the counter products and prescription products. Professional lice services also exist and offer various treatments methods to put an end to lice.



DO perform a comb through weekly. Make it a habit to check for lice weekly. If you check often you can treat early. Don’t freak out if you child gets head lice! Having lice does not mean that your child or home is dirty.We don’t want children to feel that it is their fault or ashamed in any way.
DO treat the problem as soon as you are able. Each day that it is not treated leaves opportunity for lice to continue reproducing and spreading to others. Don’t keep it a secret. Making others aware that lice lurking let them get check and treated so it moves out of your social circles faster. This lessens the chance of getting it again.
DO know that common over the counter products are no longer effective. If you choose to use them anyway follow the directions carefully and if they do not work the first time move on to another option. Don’t overuse toxic products or pesticide products. The life cycle can be hard to break, leading parents to overuse pesticide products that may be harmful if overused.
DO consider using pesticide free products and understand the life cycle. Professional lice services can also get you past head lice quickly. Don’t be embarrasses to ask for advice. IF you are not sure you have an effective treatment look to a professional head lice removal service or your health care provider.


As a resource center, Heartland Healthy Heads is happy to answer any questions regarding head lice and head lice treatments.  Call our 24 hour lice line with any questions 913-730-NITS (6487) or check out our web site

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