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Is it lice? Do I use head lice shampoo?

Is it lice? Do I use head lice shampoo? An estimated six to 12 million infestations occur in the U.S. annually. It is particularly common among pre-school and elementary school children. Head lice do not transmit any diseases, but they are very contagious and can be very itchy. To determine if your child has been infected with head lice and what to do next, review the details below for more information on eliminating lice.

What Steps To Take If My Child Has Lice:

First, confirm that your child is infected with head lice by:

  • Check behind the ears and at the back of the neck for any signs of lice • Look for a rash, as lice might cause a rash on the back of the neck • Look for nits, as they are dark brown in color, only turning clear and sometimes white when they have already hatched • Nits feel like a tiny hard speed bump on the hair • Don’t panic; lice are treatable; call Heartland Healthy Heads for assistance

Here Are Some Things To Do Right Away: • Check other members of your family for lice • Notify anyone who has had recent contact with the infected person • Notify the school that your child attends • Call Heartland Healthy Heads Lice Removal for the most thorough Lice treatment available • Heartland Healthy Heads uses the AirAlle TM system and is Certified in the Shepherd Method, both are all-natural method of lice removal that is 100% guaranteed

To Shampoo or Not to Shampoo: • Over-the-counter head lice shampoo and treatments only kill lice. • Lice shampoos don’t kill nits (eggs) • Many shampoos and treatments contain toxic chemical and can enter the blood stream through the scalp/skin • Even if you use a shampoo that kills the lice, you still need to remove the nits • Don’t shampoo with harsh chemicals or pesticides, call Heartland Healthy Heads 24 hour Lice line at 913-730-NITS (6487) for immediate assistance • For additional information on lice removal and preventative care, click here!

We know it can be very stressful to deal with a head lice infestation, but we can help! We are safe, fast, and convenient.

Call Heartland Healthy Heads Lice Removal for a 100% guaranteed lice removal treatment using the AirAlle TM system and Shepherd Method Combing techinique. We are available 7 days a week for your convenience!

Call: 913-730-NITS (6487) or visit our website at http://heartlandhealthyheads.com/

24 hour Lice Line

Lice Clinics of America

What is Lice Clinics of America? Lice Clinics of America a large network of lice treatment professionals who are dedicated to providing the safest, fastest and most effective treatment for head lice. Heartland Healthy Heads is a preferred provider for Lice Clinics of America and also certified by the Shepherd Institute to identify head lice and nits along with performing thorough nit removal services. As healthcare professionals, we provide the best quality head lice service in the Kansas City area. Lice Clinics of America Preferred Providers must meet very specific criteria to ensure you receive the highest standard of care. Our facilities are always safe and family-friendly. Our clinicians are experts at putting both you and your children at ease, so your lice-treatment experience will be pleasant and reassuring. When seeking a professional lice-treatment service in your area, make sure you look for the Lice Clinics of America Preferred Provider seal. That way you can be assured of receiving a high-quality, guaranteed treatment by operators certified to use the AirAllé heated-air device. When seeking a professional lice-treatment service, make sure you look for the Lice Clinics of America Preferred Provider seal. That way you can be assured of receiving a high-quality, guaranteed treatment by operators certified to use the AirAllé heated-air device. Heartland Healthy Heads provides the highest quality treatment options for head lice and is proud to be a Preferred Provider for Lice Clinics of America. For more information please call our 24 hour Lice Line at 913-730-NITS (6487) or visit our web site www.heartlandhealthyheads.com

Is It True?


Is it true head lice prefer clean hair? We hear this question a lot at Heartland Healthy Heads Lice Removal and Resource Center. The age old idea that one is dirty or unclean if they have head lice has taken a turn. For many years the misconception one is dirty if they contract head lice has done a complete 180. We hear it almost every day. “I read on the internet lice really only like clean hair.” The fact of the matter is, Head Lice do not care. They just like hair on the human scalp. I suppose if you get a pickier louse they may tend to prefer clean hair. They just like hair, long or short, blonde, brunettes or red heads (or even grey), curly or straight, thick or thin, even dirty or clean. They probably do not even care you use gel, hairspray, mousse or get a permanent. Hair dyes don’t even matter.

Head Lice know where they need to be to survive. They want to get to a human scalp to feed and more than likely will venture onto any hair to survive. Although there are certain scents lice do not like so as a prevention it may be a benefit to use a prevention spray including lice repellant scents like peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass or lavender.

The best prevention by far is to keep hair tied back, use braids, buns and ponytails. Head Lice are transmitted through hair to hair contact and very common among school age children. Here at Heartland Healthy Heads we say check often and treat early, this helps to stop the spread of head lice. Here at Heartland Healthy heads our mission is to decrease the stigma associated with head lice and dispel the common myths. Feel free to call our 24 hour lice line with any head lice related questions 913-730-NITS (6487).