Summer Camp

Summer Camp Head Lice Services

Summer camp always has head lice looming around. Heartland Healthy Heads Lice Removal and Resource Center offers services for camps to ensure kids are lice free before entering camp. The best way to stop lice from looming through your camp is to have every child and staff member screened for lice before entering camp.

Heartland Healthy Heads is a full service lice removal clinic owned and operated by medical professional who take head lice seriously. We offer screening and treatment services so kids can jump right in and enjoy every moment of camp. Our service eliminates the need for kids to miss camp due to head lice. The last thing any camp or camper wants is to be embarrassed or not allowed to participate due to head lice. In addition to screening for head lice, we are able to provide treatment on sight in about an hour. As preferred providers for Lice Clinics of America (, our treatment provides the fastest and most effective approach to treating head lice. Our treatment utilizes Airalle’, an FDA-cleared medical device that uses hot air to kill lice and eggs. It is clinically proven to be 99% effective on ending the pesky nits that our often missed with only a comb out.

No camp is too big or too small and every camp has different needs. We will tailor a program that is right for your camp. Services include:

Complete mobile treatment

Pre-Camp head checks

On-site services: head checks and treatment before entering camp

After camp treatment in our clinic

Lice-awareness and education for camp staff

Let the lice experts handle your head lice screenings and get kids treated quickly so everyone enjoys camp. Call us today at 913-730-NITS (6487). Each camp will also receive a free head lice educational presentation for staff and receive discounts as part of our #BeLiceFReeInKC initiative.

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