Beat Lice With Style: 4 Girl’s Hairstyles for Lice Prevention and Recovery

While head lice can happen to anyone, little girls with long hair are particularly vulnerable to infestations. Loose long hair may come into closer contact with other children’s heads during school or play, giving lice more access points to your daughter’s head.

Whether lice has been going around in your child’s social circle or she was recently treated for head lice, choosing the right hairstyles can help keep your daughter’s hair neat, stylish, and pest-free. In this blog, we list four hairstyle options that can supplement official prevention and treatment measures.

1. Ballet Bun

The sleek and classic ballet bun is ideal for little girls who have a high risk of exposure to head lice. The "wet and done" appearance of this hairstyle allows you to control virtually all stray hair.

To create a ballet bun, you’ll need a hair tie, several bobby pins, and a comb. You may want to finish with hairspray or hair gel and a bun net, especially if your child has short or fine hair. These extra supplies help keep the bun in place all day.

Pull your daughter’s hair into a high ponytail and secure the ponytail with the hair tie. Then, twist the hair in the ponytail so that it starts to look like a rope. Wrap the twisted "rope" around the hair tie at the base of the ponytail to form a bun. Secure with bobby pins and a bun net. Use hairspray or gel throughout the process for extra smoothness and shine.

2. French Braid

Is your daughter’s hair too short or too layered for hairstyles that sit high up on the head? Consider a French braid instead. The French braid looks beautifully complex but provides a simple solution for flyaways.

For a French braid, you’ll just need a brush or comb and a hair tie. Start by separating out a section of hair at the top of the head that’s a little smaller than the section you’d use to style your daughter’s hair half up and half down. Divide this section into three strands and begin your braid normally.

Once you’ve crossed each strand over, pull more hair from either side of your child’s head into the closest strand. Alternate between braiding and sweeping up new sections of hair until all your daughter’s hair is contained in the braid. Finish the braid to the end of her hair and secure with a hair tie.

3. Headband Roll

For an easy touch of Old Hollywood glamor, use the headband roll. This deceptively simple style gives the appearance of a classy updo without as much work or upkeep.

To create this hairstyle, you’ll need a brush, an elastic headband, and bobby pins. This hairstyle may also require hairspray, especially if your daughter’s hair has layers.

With your daughter’s hair down, place the headband on her head. The headband should be in about the same position you’d put it in for normal use, but it should not be placed under the hair at all. Simply slip it on over their hair. If your daughter has slick or fine hair, use bobby pins to secure the headband’s position.

Then, take a small section of loose hair from one side and tuck it into the headband, hiding the ends of the hair. Continue separating and tucking up sections until all your daughter’s hair is "rolled" around the headband. Use bobby pins as you go to prevent stray strands from coming down throughout the day.

4. Messy Bun

The messy bun creates an artsy yet put together look. This hairstyle has been on trend for years and shows no signs of going out of style due to its versatility and compatibility with most hair lengths and hair types.

Use a brush, hair tie, and bobby pins to pull together a messy bun. If desired, you can also use a texturizing spray if your daughter’s hair is particularly straight or fine. However, you should avoid using a texturizing product if you are currently treating your daughter’s hair with lice products.

Simply pull your daughter’s hair into a ponytail. Begin putting on the hair tie as you would for a normal ponytail, but pull the hair through to create a bun. Use the bobby pins to give the bun shape and personality—the messier it is, the better it will look! Just be careful of too many loose strands hanging down.


Any hairstyle that keeps your daughter’s hair tidy and off of her face, neck, and shoulders can reduce her risk of head lice. Experiment with accessories, braids, and other personal touches to help your child find her unique style even while battling head lice.

Remember that while strategic hair changes can reduce the risk of lice, hairstyling alone cannot prevent lice in all situations or get rid of lice entirely once your child has them. If you suspect that your daughter has head lice, bring her to Heartland Healthy Heads for professional screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

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