Head Lice Prevention

No matter what treatment you chose, you survived and consider you and your family lice free. What now? Most never want to go through this ordeal again. There is no way to be absolutely sure head lice do not come back around again.  There are shampoos, conditioners and prevention sprays. The best defense is a good lice comb. Comb, Comb, Comb! Being proactive is the key.

Here are some tips:

  • Pulling the hair back is an important step.
  • Know the signs and symptoms of head lice, not everyone itches.
  • Have a good lice comb and use it weekly, especially if you know your child has been exposed.
  • Know how it is transmitted: Lice are transmitted mostly through head to head contact. Chances are a less to get them from sharing brushes, barrettes, and helmets.
  •  Be sure to inform everyone you have had contact with and may have passed it on to or picked it up from, if they do not get checked and treated you may get the little buggers right back from even the best of friends.

Can head lice be spread in swimming pools?

We made it through Labor Day and the end of summer is approaching.  It may be the end of summer, but not the end of head lice. Think of all the swimming over the summer. Did you know that head lice can hold their breath for hours and are unlikely to be spread in swimming pool? According to the CDC, lice hold tightly to human hair and do let go when submerged in water. They literally hang on for dear life when under water. The chlorine in pools does not kill head lice either. They can also survive the shower, bath tub, rain and the ocean. Check this article out: Do Head lice spread in swimming pools? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17988347.

Certified Head Lice Removal Salons

Head Lice is a nuisance, not really life threatening, but definitely can get families itching and desperate for relief. One option for quick relief is professional lice removal services or salons. These services are well worth the time and money, but be sure you are getting qualified services. The industry is not regulated and it is important for consumers to know they are getting quality service from knowledgeable professionals. One way to know is to be certain the staff is trained in a methodological approach to lice removal, understand the head lice life cycle and all treatment options, not just nit picking. Education of the consumer and communities is a must when trying to keep head lice controlled.

Katie Shepherd is one of the leading experts in head lice around the world and founder of the Lice Solutions Resource Network, the only not for profit lice treatment organization in the country.  Not only dedicated to helping desperate families, Lice Solutions conducts clinical research, spans the world with a global outreach program and provides an intense hand on training and certification program. This certification in the Shepherd Method of strand by strand nit removal can be one way to know you have a qualified professional who remain up to date on all the latest head lice treatments and available products. If your salon is not certified be sure to ask the technique used to remove nits and how the guarantee works if you are not lice free after treatment.

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