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Our Removal Method

We use the Shepherd method, strand by strand technique. This method is a safe non-toxic means of removing or treating head lice.  Using this technique allows a methodological approach to examine every hair and remove all evidence of lice. It also incorporates many safeguards to check and recheck for evidence of lice ensuring an effective treatment, along with monitoring for any missed nits or re-infestations. Our products are non-toxic, all natural and pesticide free with a peppermint fragrance. We also use the most effective comb available and provide to each client treated at our facility for future combing and prevention at home.

Professional Head Check – $25

Performing thorough head check with Nit Free Terminator comb

If you think you may have head lice or have been exposed.  We provide a thorough examination to identify head lice and nits to determine if a treatment is needed.

A professional head check includes a thorough comb through and application of mint spray. Lice do not like mint! If lice or nits are identified then treatment is recommended.  If not you get peace of mind the head lice professionals found you lice and nit free. We also off a Family Head Check Saving Card for $100.00 which includes 10 head checks with the 11th one free!

Treatment – $75 Per Hour Billed To Minute

Once we identify Lice or nits, we begin the removal process.

Treatment using Shepherd Method strand by strand technique

  1. Applying a safe, all natural, non toxic, hypoallergenic, enzyme spray that assist in eliminating lice and nits.
  2. A thorough comb out is completed using a systematic approach (Shepherd Method of strand by strand removal).  We examine the hair in paper thin layers to ensure all lice and nits are removed.
  3. Blow drying the hair is required before we begin the final re-check comb as a safeguard that no lice or nits remain.
  4. During the treatment process we will provide education and tips for preventing re-infestations.
  5. Last we will schedule your recheck appointments at approximately 7 and 14 days after treatment. This is our guarantee you will be lice free.

Family Home Treatment Kit – $90

If you want to do it yourself. This kit provides everything you need to treat at home safely. Kit includes: Non toxic treatment product, a nit free terminator comb, combs and clips to section hair for nit removal, hair ties, Head lice life cycle and identification information, combing instructions. All comes in a clear plastic tub to contain lice and nits during treatment. In addition, the professionals are only a phone call away. Just call the 24 hour Lice Line with any questions. Kit can be purchased for $90.00 and includes professional rechecks for only $15.00 for those treated at home.

Recheck Visits – Included With Salon Treatment

Checking for evidence of lice in comb through during check-up visit The recheck appointments are so important and included in the cost of your initial treatment. During these visits we provide another comb through to check for evidence of lice. This will help to ensure we left nothing behind and to know if you have had contact with other cases of head lice.

Our Guarantee

We back our treatments for 30 days. Provided all family members are checked and treated at Heartland Healthy Heads and all recheck visits are completed. We also offer FREE head checks for 3 three months after treatment. We promise to be with you until you are lice free!

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