Why Get a Professional Head Lice Treatment?

professional head lice treatment and comb-out at heartland healthy heads

Having head lice is no one’s idea of fun but getting rid of lice can be a worse job to tackle. One quick internet search will leave you further confused with all kinds of ideas on how to best treat head lice. Everyone has their own idea on the best DIY lice treatment. Store shelves are filled with chemical packed over the counter treatments. So, then what is the best way to treat head lice? At Heartland Healthy Heads, we know your best bet to getting and staying lice free is to trust the professionals. We know the advantages of getting a professional head lice treatment. 

Why Get a Professional Head Lice Treatment?

Professional head lice treatments, like the Premium Treatment at Heartland Healthy Heads, can offer a level of guarantee unlike other treatments. DIY treatments only kill adult lice and leave nits to hatch and re-infest. They can also include many dangerous suggestions. Over the counter treatments can be helpful and are often lower in cost. However, they are not always effective at treating nits and super lice. Lice have traditionally been treated with a chemical called pyrethrins which are commonly found in over-the-counter treatments. Recently super lice have become growling resistant to such chemicals. At Heartland Healthy Heads clinics our Premium treatment uses heated air to treat all lice including super lice and nits. Professional head lice treatments like ours guarantee you will leave the clinic lice free in just one treatment!

What Difference Do the Professionals Make?

 Head lice professionals can not only treat head lice faster, but they can be there for you every step of the way. Head lice professionals can offer lice advice from before treatment checklists to after treatment cleaning advice. Professional head lice treatment can guarantee you get back to work, school, and life in no time. Staff can answer your questions about lice, treatments, and more. The internet can be full of confusing answers and myths, but you can go straight to the source at our clinics! Most professional clinics, including Heartland Healthy Heads, stand behind their treatments with a lice free guarantee. This means you don’t have to buy treatment kits over and over, if our treatment doesn’t work the first time, we stand by it. Professional head lice treatment can mean the difference between you and a lice free life!

Don’t waste your time battling head lice, get a professional head lice treatment and get lice free! For more lice advice or to schedule a treatment visit our website or call 913-730-6487!