Professional Lice Services

As healthcare professionals, with years of experience in head lice treatment we strive to offer the most up to date information and treatment options. We offer safe and affordable treatmet options for head lice and strive to be a community resource for head lice.

We offer 3 treatment options and we customize services based on the needs of each family.


Screening and Treatment Consultation

Our clinicians will carefully inspect your head and scalp for evidence of head lice and provide treatment recommendations. $25.00

We recommend all members of the same household and close contacts be screened if we confirm a positive case of head lice. Additonal family member are screened for $15.00, if scheduled on same day.


Premium  Treatment

Our most popular and effective treatment. This treatment is scientifically based, using the latest dehydration technology for heated air treatments. Due to the use of heated air pretreatment is required to ensure all live lice are eradicated prior to applying heated air flow.  The process includes a pretreatment, heated air treatment and thorough comb out to ensure evidence of lice is removed from the hair. You leave our clinic Lice FREE.

Due to the nature of head lice and how it is contracted, we highly recommend you follow our post treatment and prevention steps as you return to your normal environment. This will ensure your 100% guarantee. If all members are checked and treated in our clinic, this treatment comes with a 30 day guarantee. - $185.00

If all member’s of the household are screened and/or treated in our clinic, this services comes with a 30 day guarantee and additional household members are screened for $15.00

Head Start Comb Out Treatment

The treatment option allows you to have a professional comb out to remove lice and nits with an application of our oil treatment to get you started. It also includes all the treatment products, professional grade lice comb and all the supplies you need to end you lice infestation for good as you continue treatment at home. Detailed instructions are provided along with support from our 24 hour lice line and telehealth visit if needed. - $125.00

Do It Yourself Treatment

This treatment option includes all the products and supplies needed for a do it yourself treatment at home. We provide you with all the directions and details to make treatment as effective as possible. We also are available to any questions anytime with our 24 hour lice line. - $65.00